From Reactive to Proactive: Transforming Operations with Robust GRC Issue Management

BoardX Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) provides functionalities to manage issues within an organisation effectively. Issue management in BoardX involves identifying, tracking, and resolving various types of problems or concerns that may impact an organisation’s compliance, governance, or overall operations.

Automate policy and contract
management lifecycles.

Centralised Tracking

All issues are centralised within the BoardX platform. Users can assign owners, set priorities, and establish due dates for issue resolution.

Automated Workflow

BoardX provides workflow capabilities to automate the process of issue resolution. It can route issues to the appropriate stakeholders for investigation, evaluation, and resolution. Automated notifications can keep stakeholders informed about the status of issues.

Remediation Tracking

Users can track the progress of issue resolution, document remediation activities, and verify that corrective actions have been implemented effectively. This helps in closing the loop on issues and ensures that risks are mitigated.

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GRC Issue Management:
A Catalyst for Sustainable Business Growth

BoardX offers a comprehensive platform for managing issues related to governance, risk, and compliance, streamlining workflows, fostering collaboration among teams, and ensuring transparency throughout the issue resolution lifecycle. Organisations can tailor these steps to align with their specific requirements and compliance frameworks.

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“I would definitely recommend BoardX. BoardX was instrumental in helping us comply with regulation in our sector.  We always felt like we were talking to experts in the field. Compared to other competitors, choosing BoardX is a no brainer.

Karl, IT Manager, Oaklee Housing

For us the requirements were clear. The software had to be intuitive, and it had to be user-friendly. We needed to be able to implement it ourselves, with support when needed and without high implementation costs and long implementation timelines. The software had to reduce compliance resourcing and costs. BoardX met all of our criteria.

Lesley, Financial Administrator, Bru Youth Service

"We partnered with BoardX because of the flexibility of their software suite. There are many GRC solutions but BoardX stands out with its fully integrated Meetings, Compliance, Risk, and Policy Management stack. We find BoardX support to be super responsive which is really reassuring."

John M., CFO, Credit Union

I would highly recommend BoardX as a governance management tool. David and team have been instrumental in helping us bring centralised, well presented structure to our board meetings and communication. The level of support from the BoardX team has been amazing and has helped create a seamless update for Executive and Volunteer users alike. I would have no issues recommending them to any company looking to implement GRC

Badminton Ireland

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