GRC Solutions For the Energy & Utilities Sector

With integrated solutions spanning governance, risk, compliance, audit, strategy planning and project management – we help the energy & utilities sector to manage risk and achieve compliance – to keep essential services running.
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You shouldn’t need to be a
technological expert.

Scale your compliance programs quickly with a pre-built framework library, common control targets, automated workflows, real-time alerts, and seamless evidence management. It should not take you months just to get started.

Board Management

A Simple and Secure Way to Run your Board and Committee Meetings.

BoardX simplifies board member meetings through a secure board portal that offers an easy-to-use interface, straightforward meeting setup tools, insightful analytics, and instant collaboration capabilities. Advanced features include Roles & Terms, Skills Tracking, DEI, AML and Auto Onboarding.

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Policies & Contracts

Automate policy lifecycles, contract management, standard operating procedures and SLA lifecycles. Deploy an Employee Portal to facilitate Policy Distribution and attestation tasks.

Draft, review, approve and edit policies, track attestations, and manage version control with our Policy & Contracts software.

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Issues Management

Measure the effectiveness of your company's risk management program by how quickly and completely it identifies and reacts to compliance issues. Enable risk and control indicator failures to automatically create issues.

Your employees and business users within your company can self-identify an issue and submit it via the Employee Portal. Following submission, a triage issue is automatically created. After an issue has been identified, triaged, and investigated, you can remediate it.

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Compliance Management

Streamline Compliance, Ensure Audit Readiness. Map your organisation to control targets with pre-built frameworks for specific regulatory obligations and guidelines. BoardX master frameworks provide in-built Regulatory Change Management capabilities.

Generate controls automatically. Establish a streamlined, multi-framework compliance program, implement controls, and centralise evidence for comprehensive oversight and informed decision-making. Implement control indicators for continuous monitoring - all from simple interactive graphics.

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Risk Management

Enhance Risk Awareness, Accelerate Informed Risk Management Decisions

Forward thinking risk management professionals are moving away from outdated solutions, like excel or manually assigning owners to risks, opting instead for a structured approach for managing risk, risk response, key risk indicators, appetite and mitigation tasks whilst enhancing efficiency.

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