With significant experience in the non-profits our team has built a solution that simplifies governance, risk, policy and compliance management for non-profits.

Governance Advisor
Gavin Wynne
Founder, CEO
David Malone

David has been a founder of multiple B2B SaaS companies and is passionate about automating governance, policy, risk and compliance management for non-profits.

Customer Success
Harper Tang

Graduated from Indiana University in Psychology. Extensive working experiences in customer success management in B2B SaaS.

Marketing Director
Jackie Skelly

As a founder of Flyefit Jackie has extensive experience in developing brand positioning and business models. Extensive network. Successful exit FlyeFit 2017.

President, North America
Patti Connolly

Experienced GRC consultant for non-profits in North America. Having served on multiple non-profit boards Patti has an extensive c-level network and is the BoardX lead in North America.

Board Chair
Melissa Ludwig

Melissa is an experienced public company board director and held a longstanding position as a Senior/Group VP with Macy's. She has public and nonprofit governance experience and has served on numerous nonprofit boards, including Philadelphia Conventions Bureau and Susan G. Komen, ALS.

Chief Revenue Officer
Rita Martin
Our Mission

Helping Non-Profits

Complying with the demands of the Charities Regulator requires a lot of work by charities. Given that maintaining up-to-date compliance is resource intensive we set out to develop software to automate and control many aspects of governance. Trustees are responsible for governance and regulatory compliance and BoardX supports trustees in their governance workload, minimising significant personal risk. 

Regulations are making it increasingly difficult for community and voluntary organisations to recruit board members. The BoardX digital solution empowers boards to discharge their governance responsibilities  allowing charities to work more efficiently and effectively whilst making it easier to attract potential trustees to join the board. Finally government funders are increasingly mandating good governance as a pre-requisite to funding.
“Tougher regulations and tougher regulators coupled with a hostile media environment compel non-profits to prove compliance rather than rely on obsolete self-certification.”
David Malone
CEO BoardX