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Managing governance and compliance is hard. You have to make sure records are kept up to date, reviews are tasked and tracked, make sure trustees, employees and volunteers attest to policy documents, make sure proper board meeting agendas and minutes are properly created. Reporting should look at the effectiveness of Board Oversight, sub-committees of the Board as well as compliance with the Charities Governance Code. Our QuickStart Audit will bring you through a comprehensive question set which enables us to ascertain gaps in documents, policies and administration relating to governance.

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Governance Success Score

The BoardX Governance Success Score will have a value between 1 to 5. In addition to calculating your GSS, BoardX will continually advise on steps to improve your score. This roadmap drives a continuous improvement cycle for our customers in governance and board management allowing trustees and managers in non-profits to focus on their core purpose and become more effective.

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